Thursday, 20 September 2012

Comic Book Month

Busy beavering away at various comic book projects here - as things stand:

1. Department O issue one has gone off to print. Once the proof has been approved, I'll be ordering a stack of books for pre-orders, store orders and Long Beach Comic Con in November.

2. Hero Code issue two has had the lettering approved, and now just needs the final pages sent over to be put into print. Same deal as above, thereafter.

3. The Black Wraith issue one is being coloured and lettered at the moment. The first seven or so pages are completed, and a preview will be appearing in Department O issue one. We're hoping to have an ashcan or preview of the book available for NYCC.

4. Intranauts - hoping to have a preview for NYCC, and then work will recommence on the book later this year, should have issue one ready for ECCC in March.

5. The Id is a Lonely Monster mini-comic 2 should be ready for Long Beach Comic Con.

The 24 Hour comic book challenge is nearly upon us.

I for one have never foreseen a day where I would have the time to take part in the challenge. A shame as I think I would get a lot out of it.

I was thinking of maybe doing an alternative early next year and seeing if I could get people who are perhaps primarily writers to do a single issue of a comic book across a month, from start to finish.

I may ponder on this more.

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