Sunday, 2 September 2012

Department O/Hero Code 2 preorders now open.

Monkey Pipe Studios has two books now available for pre-order.

The Hero Code issue 2 - By Jamie Gambell, David Brame, Heather Breckel and Jim Campbell. (All Ages).

Something terrible is pushing it's way into our reality. The only thing standing in it's way, are a group of newly activated heroes with no training whatsoever!

Set 10 years before issue one's events, join us for this stand-alone story, featuring art by David Brame.

Pre-order here.

Department O issue 1 - by Jamie Gambell, Andrew MacLean and Heather Breckel. (Contains Strong Language).

Severely depleted by a mission gone wrong, the mysterious Department O find themselves sequestered for a diplomatic mission, with a twist!

Join us in this first issue of an ongoing mystery horror series, featuring art by Andrew MacLean.

Pre-order here.

Both books are available for pre-order at the store throughout September with an early bird discount.

Books will ship in October.

Please help spread the work - pre-ordering is an excellent way to let creators know that you support their work!

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