Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dilemma of decisions

Nearly a decade ago I was living out of a hotel in Rome, working on a movie shooting there.

There were two excellent restaurants nearby, which, most evenings, I would alternate between if we hadn't shot too late.

The scruffier, more cafe-style one, which was just north from the Hotel, close to the football stadium shared by Roma and Lazio, was a very simple affair.

Most evenings the menu consisted of not necessarily food choices, but rather volume choices - do you want an antipasti, main and desert?

You got what was being made that day.

In fact the only real choice one had to make, was the colour of the wine one wanted with their meal.

The idea of the dilemma of choice is simple - most people would prefer not to be given too many options; the distance between option and enjoyment really need not be so littered.

I tend to over-think things, to go around and around choices in my mind, and to freeze up when I feel that the solution I think I am looking for isn't exactly what I think it should be.

I've spoken lots in the past about the value for smaller-press comic creators of publishing one's work on the web. The low-cost offsets the low return, and, to be honest, the return on most comic book ventures that aren't going through a recognised publisher tend to be low-return.

I need to limit my choices, and make it easier for readers to get direct to the work I am producing.

Next year I will start to work on Hero Code: The Theatre of War. A web-first mini-series set before the events of the current ongoing Hero Code series.

Once the series is completed, it will be collected in a print edition.

The series is stand alone enough from the main series to be enjoyed as it's own thing.

For now I need to work on the dilemma of choice of artists on the series.

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