Friday, 2 November 2012

One more day...

Long Beach Comic Con begins tomorrow.

Last night, after work, I checked through my printed books which arrived yesterday, bagged and boarded them up, and got them ready for the show.

I also packaged up all the pre-orders for Department O and The Hero Code, and will be shipping those out to all the wonderful people who supported the books soon - thank you all!

I'm a little lighter on prints than I would have liked (I may try to get a couple of new ones printed this evening - I really want to have some of the Ming Doyle Black Wraith prints for sure).

Now, it's just about getting through the last day of work, getting a good nights sleep, and getting the con on time.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!

Also, for any of you wanting to help folk out on the East Coast following the devastation caused by Sandy this week, please head over to the American Red Cross website and donate - every little helps!

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