Friday, 2 November 2012

Selling Digital in the Physical

I've been thinking about ways to offer digital editions of the MPS books at conventions.

Is this even a viable option?

One possible way would be to use it as a 'try before you buy' system - you could offer the digital copy at a reduced rate (say 'a dollar'), send a link to download the PDF via email, if the buyer likes the book and wants to come back for a physical copy, they would get a discount (making the digital copy free).



Tyler James said...

No one at a convention will pay actual money for a digital product.

It won't happen. ESPECIALLY, not for an indie book they've never heard of.

However, digital freebies can make a lot of sense.

215 Ink passes out postcards with QR codes to free comics, which isn't a bad idea.

But you need to target your offering to what the market wants...

And the guys and gals walking up and down artists alley are looking for new, interesting, physical product...and are often there to support local and new talent.

You're better off designing an attractive package of Monkeypipe merchandise -- Say 4 comics and a choice of print for $25, then trying to sell a cheap digital product to someone at a print goods show.

Jamie Gambell said...

Thanks, Tyler.

My pricing for the convention is as follows:

$1 - mini comic, trading cards, buttons
$5 - comic books, prints, sketch cards
$20 - any 5 $5 items (books, prints, sketch cards)
$25 - sketch editions

Keeping it fairly simple!

Michael said...

I'm with Tyler. A sample digital copy is the way to go.

I do like the idea of having a postcard/business card with a digital key to a free download of the first issue etc.

I think Jerzy Drozd had Ryan Estrada on his Lean Into Art Podcast recently and at his recent Korean Comic Show, Ryan was charging .50 cents for a mini comic/business card. This is an interesting idea...

I supported you and Tyler first because I knew Through social media) and continue because I like your work!

You need people to know you/your work for digital subscriptions to work...

Whew lots of "work" there!