Monday, 19 November 2012

Smacking into walls

There's a lot going on at the moment - various family things, the babies impending arrival, working longer hours than usual, sleeping shorter hours than usual - that all seem to be impacting my writing.

I have been really struggling to string together tweets, let alone blog posts. And you can just forget about a comic page that makes sense to me!

I tend to over think and mentally plan a lot of the comic work I do, notes don't really work for me until I've visulised the whole issue or story, and then I only really write a short hand of the beats to get me from a to z. It works when it works.

I've been thinking a lot about making The Hero Code and Department O available as webcomics with weekly updates next year - I think keeping the flow going, and showing off some of the process work as we go might help to build and keep readers. Then, as each issue finishes, the print version would become available. In fact, I'd like to be at least two issues ahead, so that would mean that the print editions would be available before the weekly updates were - for those who like to hold a comic in their hand when they read it.

We have two issues of Hero Code ready to go - I'd like to get some more pages going on issue three with Jonathan before I start to post pages though.

Issue two of Department O is moving along. It has been hit by the writing funk I'm in, but I have it mapped out, and the scripting is coming along, so at least there is that.

March, with ECCC happening, is a good time frame to have something from both these books going by then.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Marshall Couture aka Calmplex said...

Sounds like a plan man! It's interesting to hear how you kind of plan it all out in your head first and work off of that. I think that's pretty much what I did with my first 2 mini comics.

I think the reason for that is because 1 I don't have a lot of time and 2 I know if I sit down to start "writing" and really get into it, it will become too grand and too precious and overwhelm me.

Keep up the good work man those pieces will come together I'm sure of it! BTW I just read Department O and I really dig it. I like the fast pace of it and it's definitely peeked my interest to learn more of whats going on and get to know the characters better. :)