Saturday, 24 November 2012

Theatre of War - part 2

Some questions and some more thoughts on the idea of doing Hero Code Theatre of War as a mini series...

One idea would be to run this mini-series as a web-comic, with weekly updates. This would allow for a couple of things - it would allow Jonathan Rector to come back on board and build up some pages for the main story, which could run as a webcomic later (it could play out as follows - Theatre of War - Issue 2 - Menace of the Mannequin) making it run chronological, and perhaps giving a new flow to the story?

Would the change in artists be too disruptive? The Theatre of War could be bookended by a single artist, but there are some chapters which could work with a different artist - would that bother people?

Even if it did run as a web comic, would people still want floppies, or a collected book at the end of the entire story? Bear in mind that it would take a while for the whole story to play out. At the moment it would probably be five issues of 22 page issues. With weekly updates, that would be over a couple of years at the least...

Do people expect a more "realistic" art style to go with comics set during World War II?


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bamf27art said...

Well, it is taking place in a different time period, so I don't think that it would prove too much of problem. Just like time periods, art has a different feel, aesthetic, throughout the ages. Why not get an artist that can deliver a classic look (WWII era), feel, to that section of your story? Regardless, if well well, done it would still draw people to your book. And maybe later on down the road Mr. Rector can do stand alone stories using those WWII heroes as well.