Friday, 23 November 2012

Theatre of War

One of the real challenges I've had with The Hero Code is with dancing around time zones within the story.

There is an element from a story set during that universe's second World War, which plays into the modern story. It involves a reveal that needs the story in the past to play out in order for the modern day reveal to work.

To be honest, I've driven myself a little loopy trying to shoe-horn both arcs into the series in a way that works, and I have never been happy with the solutions that I've come up with.

One idea, and something which I think may address the problems, is to run the arc as a mini-series. I'm putting together the idea with this in mind, and beginning to think about possible artists who might work - thus allowing Jonathan to come back onto the main series and build the modern day universe, but build in the necessary back story to make the latter reveal work.

The arc was always going to be called The Theatre of War, so for now that would be the working title of the mini-series.

Watch this space...

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MarshallPlex said...

This sounds like a really cool idea! I love the title!!!

Yea its tough to know how to compress these huge ideas into 24 (more or less) page issues especially when getting these things out independently takes so much time. I think a mini series is a good way but it's of course more work, more time yikes!

If there's anything I can help with let me know! Sounds like an interesting book!