Friday, 28 December 2012

End this depression, Now!

I'm currently reading this.

About a third of the way through and wanted to jot some notes, especially as I am pretty sick and tired of hearing about the Fiscal Cliff.

1. The best way to get out of a recession or financial slump is to spend. The amounts of money don't change, just the flow. We're clogged. Lower spending = lower production = less jobs. Spending encourages job creation, which in turn gets us out of the hole.

2. The people who have the most money also have a greater political influence - as do the industries which move these large sums of money. Play nicely with these people (ie give them what they want - and what they tend to want is deregulation) and maybe there will be a nice fat job at the end of your political life.

3. The financial world doesn't seem to create anything innovative at any level. It just moves money around.

4. The fiscal cliff seems to be a huge smoke and mirrors get-out-of-jail card for both political parties. No one wants to raise taxes. No one wants to cut spending. Do nothing, and these things automatically happen, and you get to point your well paid, incredible health-insurance covered chubby fingers at the other guy.

5. Reading about what people in the financial world get away with gives me a hate-headache.

6. Fiscal conservatives are morons.

As you were.

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