Saturday, 15 December 2012

Further thoughts on formats

Still no word on what is happening at IC Geeks.

Still mulling over what to do, formatting wise, with future books.

I am really feeling like the quickest means of getting a book to readers is in web serialization - and to get The Hero Code moving a little quicker, I am leaning at having that series at least run online first, with a look at collecting them in graphic novels.

With Department O, I'd love to put out these books as short run prints. Not sure at the moment if I want to play around with paper, do a card stock, more small press looking book, or maybe an off print run, like I've spoken about in the past, in chunks of 1000.

I'm also thinking about more mini-comics and small printed stuff.

Until I know exactly what is happening with IC Geeks, I'm going to be pondering on this one, maybe for some time.


Michael said...

Jamie having just caught up on all the books digitally I am happy to support whatever format gets them out there. I lost interest in many books because of poor production schedules. I'd hate to see you lose any momentum you have generated!


Jamie Gambell said...

Thanks, Michael - I agree that momentum is important. With Jonathan's other commitments already having a big enough impact on that, I really want to find a way to pick it up in the new year.

Anonymous said...

haven't heard from Noel or Courtney at IC Geeks for almost a month now. Whatever the problem is they are having, the lack of communication is inexcusable.