Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Hero Code - Theatre of War (2013)

The plans for the Hero Code mini-series - The Theatre of War - are coming together nicely.

Art by Jonathan Rector

What I would really love to do is run the series as a web-comic updating twice a week starting in February.

This will hopefully build up some momentum with The Hero Code, and allow Jonathan the time he needs to finish his projects and return to the series around the same time.

I am currently doing something that I have never done before, testing two artists on the project. I have asked for sample pages* from two very different artists with very different styles, which I hope will help me come to a clear decision on what direction to take the series.

I had originally written the story with a different artist in mind, which then became a different artist, which then became a different artist... by the time I sat down to look over what I had, my mind was having a tough time picturing how the pages would play out.

I hope to have an announcement soon with the creative team tied up.

Art by Mike O'Hare

NB. I should add that the two images above are not by the two artists who are working on the sample pages at the moment. These are a couple of pin ups done a while back when Theatre of War was originally how the Hero Code was going to launch.

*paid sample pages, I think it's important to note.

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