Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Baby, Give it Up!

Some days you wake up, and just don't feel like you have the drive in you any more.

I've been in a little bit of a comics funk of late - hoping that I've learned some lessons along the way, but wondering if maybe I'm not cut out for all this.

Personal life has been really testing me, and time has once again become an idea, a thing which other people have, but which I only hear about in passing.

The seeming demise of ICGeeks has made me wonder, once more about the viability of what I am making - getting these books into stores now seems less and less likely.

The idea of conventions has started to feel me with dread, rather than excitement.

News from the world of comics has left me wondering if it is even a world worth fighting for.

So many questions, and so much self-doubt.


Nathan Seabolt said...

I can totally relate to where you are at the moment. I look at the list of comic projects that I have planned for 2013, and it seems a little overwhelming. I haven't found a magic word that will change me from the little kid creator I am at the moment into a fully grown powerhouse of comics, but I'm still looking.

And not to get sappy, but apart from the business difficulties and concerns everybody has about future distribution outlets, you should know that you have been and remain an inspiration to a lot of us. And every time I go into a bookstore, or even a newsstand, there seem to be a lot more indie comic projects available, so that seems like a hopeful situation.

Everybody says we do it for the love of the art, and that is true-but I also understand this is one of the most time-consuming and difficult endeavors we can do to tell our stories, so sometimes doubt is unavoidable. I say try to keep your head up, and remember that you're not alone in this.

And eat some ice cream occasionally.

Joe Shapiro said...

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill (maybe)

Marshall Couture said...

I don't think it's smart to put much stock in comic's alone as a good business plan. Success I think is just being able to work in comics some way some how regardless of wether or not it's a sustaining income. Our only hope is to keep leaning into it until something breaks out.

But it seems to me that it's combination with other elements is where any real business opportunity for the medium is. Finding the right combination is a journey that takes a lot of testing.

As a writer though I think you have a little more opportunity because it's easier to execute more than one or two properties at a time in your standard monthly issue. The hard part is getting the support from artists to push out the work I would think.

It's a tough road and those who have successful titles have a hard time as well finding good income from it. But when these doupts come to me I always think... Can I really imagine myself not making comics? the answer is no... I just can't stop trying. If I gave it up I'd probably just pick it back up tomarrow. Creators need to create!

Walter said...

I know that feeling. Seems like even the best have to struggle to make it and keep it in comics.

All I can say is I wish us both luck ;-)

producerism said...

In the same boat right now... the demise of ICG really threw my debut comic release date for a spin, and still trying to recover (and find a new printer).