Saturday, 5 January 2013

Prints - set of 4

Only a couple of months until ECCC, and I'm starting to think about bringing some prints along - maybe offering them on the store also.

Here are four possible contenders:

First up, Mike O'Hare's take on the villains for the up-coming Hero Code, Theatre of War story,

Next is Ming Doyle's take on The Black Wraith,

Then there is Ramon Villalobos' Optiman,

And finally Giannis Milonogiannis' White Shade piece.

These will be 11x17, on photo-gloss paper.

I'm thinking of doing runs of 50 of each, selling them at $20 each, or $60 for a set of the four - bringing some to ECCC and selling the rest through the store (shipped in cylinders).

One thing I would really love to do is to split profits with the artists on each of these.



Peter Palmiotti said...

You could share profits with the artists or... you could have each artist print & sell their own.

And you should offer a discount (even if on $2) for the collected 4.

Jamie Gambell said...

Hi Peter,

Good idea - offering up the files of the prints to the artists and letting them sell them as they see fit works, too.

A discount would definitely be offered (I normally go for 4 for the price of 3).