Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tuesday Night Thoughts

I needed to write something.

I don't have that much to say, but I really needed to just tap away at the keys and remind myself and my muscles that I can do this.

I'm currently working on the first two issues of Hero Code: Theatre of War, as well as tightening and plotting the future issues of Hero Code, ready for when Jonathan is once again available to work on the series.

Sneak peek at a panel WIP for Hero Code: Theatre of War - art by Gary Lister

I'm also getting on with Department O issue two. Slowly, but surely, I am getting on with it.

With print seemingly off the tables at the moment (I can't afford to off-set print series and create, but will not be able to make the money back to create more of each series unless I am able to find a viable print method - etc), I am more and more leaning towards spending the next year or so building up each series in the digital realm.

Monkey Pipe Studios is chugging along nicely, there are currently six series with weekly updates from a variety of creators, as well as a few shorts and previews. I've held off on posting newer series, such as Hero Code, Department O and Black Wraith, there for now, but perhaps this is the time to do it?

I've also been thinking about the future.

I really feel like it might be fun to try to conceive a series told across a year per issue - fifty-two page issues, one issue a year, with weekly updates online.

Something for next year maybe?

Good night, all.


bamf27art said...

I definitely think that yearly annual type stories would be pretty cool. Also it would really allow the creators to spend more time per panel if they really had the drive to.
One thing I wanted to ask. What are some things that you'd like comics to go towards? Not just genre and such but instead of the "Hero vs. Hero" we've all been seeing as of the last 5 years, it seems, what are some elements you wish that comics would acquire? Something from the past perhaps or something that hasn't been tapped by the mainstream?
Your thoughts.

Jamie Gambell said...

I think it's a format that has been played with - I do wonder if the length might seem too drawn out, but it does do something else, which is match, roughly, the length of the average television show. A well established story length.

I'd really like to see comics move away from the masculine aggression/female sexuality model which seems entrenched in the imaginations of so many readers. There are certain soap operatic elements which are used - and the constant sense of misdirection of change, while maintaining the status quo I'd like to see go too.

I think a real issue is that so much of mainstream comic creation is brought around by "elevator pitch" high concept ideas that shake up the old ideas, before returning them, which don't seem to work in the long run. If one looks back to the big surprise story hits from the past, these came around because a book was going to be cancelled, and the editors gave a chance to someone to give the book a new direction. The merry-go-round sackings and hirings seem hurtful to books, especially as creators are set on shaking up ideas to get noticed.