Tuesday, 19 February 2013

You know it's hard out here for a print!

ICGeeks most definitely seems to be gone.

Noel and his team did something with their POD service, which I hadn't encountered before - they made getting books into the DM with a POD a viable option.

However, I fear that they were victims of their own success. Genuinely wanting to help creators, they found themselves on the wrong end of some wrong customers, and now they are gone.

We are left where we were, and with the service we all deserve.

Yes, I'm a little bitter!

It puts me in a position of not being able to really afford to print my comics.

I've said before here that I have been considering moving to a digital first model - that is producing 24 page comics, and posting them up on the MPS site, a page a week. I would make the issues available before they were posted as purchasable PDF's, for those who a) can't wait, and/or b) would rather own a book to read on a device of their choice.

I would do micro-print runs (using either Ka-Blam or RAComics as a POD - both decent, both expensive!) for shows.

Doing off-set will have to wait - for either trade collections or KS campaigns - we shall see...

Speaking of shows, I will try to post a more comprehensive list of prices and items for Emerald City Comic Con later this week - as I try to work out what I'll be taking and how!

Have a great week.


Eric Weathers said...

I too, relied on IC geeks for affordable printing. It's a shame what happened. I did, however, stumble upon Comix Wellspring. I've not yet printed with them, so I can't speak to the quality. But I have been in contact with them and they are still in business! Their prices are better than anywhere else http://www.comixwellspring.com/prices.aspx It might be worth checking out. Profit margins aren't as great as they were with Noel, but better than anywhere else.

Javier Hernandez said...

"We are left where we were, and with the service we all deserve"

Jamie! C'mon! We don't deserve the high prices and punitive rush charges of POD printers!

Time to start looking around and changing our models....

Jamie Gambell said...

Javier - that was aimed at the "few" who hurt Noel (you know why).

I'd love to find something local (save on shipping) and affordable - we shall see.

Eric - ill check them out, thank you.