Saturday, 16 March 2013

A wee update

Just wanted to write down a quick projects update, partly for my own head, but also to let people know where I'm at for comic book stuff in 2013.

Department O (with Andrew MacLean) - we've submitted issue one to Comixology, and await their response. I am about half way done with the script for issue 2, and Andrew is ready to draw once it is complete. I've had a middle section of the script prove to be a sticking point for me (the front and end are taken care of, but one moment just doesn't hold together). Once that is taken care of, it shouldn't take too long to finish this off.

Hero Code (with Jonathan Rector) - I have the scripts up until issue eight or nine completed, ready and waiting for Jonathan to start on, as soon as he finishes up his The Standard commitments.

Hero Code: The Coming of the Occultist (with Agustin Calcagno) - a one shot precursor to The Theatre of War. Working on the first five pages of this 22 page story now.

Hero Code: Theatre of War (with Gary Lister) - first three pages of art are finished, next four pages are thumbed and being worked on now. Gary is onboard for the first issue in this 4 issue mini, and then hopefully he will be able to finish it up.

Resident Aliens (with Calmplex) - finishing off the first introductory chapter in this mini series.

Into the Darkness Mini - I've plotted out a small chunk of the mini comic for a challenge. Once I have the opening worked out, I'll get to drawing it.

Intranauts (with TBA) - first part of the first arc plotted, working on the rest now.

There are a few other things, which I won't be announcing just yet, but which will probably be ready a little later into the year.

For now, I need sleep. I have a five year old's birthday party to attend tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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