Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Home Again, Home Again - ECCC in review

So Emerald City Comic Con has been and gone - how was the show?

In one word, big.

Twice the size of last years show, by many accounts.

I brought along a stack of comic books, prints, buttons, sketch covers, collectors cards and mini-comics - ultimately though I could have stuck with just comic books.

Of the attendees there seemed to be four classes - the old fans who wanted their collections signed, or to meet specific creators.

The niche fans, who wanted anything with Doctor Who or whatever (but mainly Doctor Who - there was a lot of Doctor Who fans there, A LOT!) on it.

The fans of comic book properties, who probably saw the Avengers and liked the idea of what comic books are rather than what they really are.

Luckily, there was also many comic book readers in town - wanting to find new books to read, and willing to check out new creators.

Because I only sold books, it wasn't the most lucrative show for me. Adding the costs up really made it a tough show to make money from anyway, but as I only sold books, my lowest returning item, it made it near impossible.

Overall we sold 25 books - breaking down as follows; 12 on Friday, 11 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The days were long and the sales all seemed to come in a one hour window on each day a few hours before closing.


Meeting people is always great, be it other new creators, established pros, old friends, new friends, new readers.

A father and son came to our table and read through a copy of Black Wraith together, laughing, cooing and smiling the whole way. They then bought that copy.

A young female reader came to the table telling us that she was new to comics, and really liked super-hero stuff. She bought both issues of Hero Code and Black Wraith.

Despite being busy, the table spacing was good enough that people weren't crowded in the aisles.

The acoustics were really quite good. I have problems in other shows where one simply couldn't hear the person in front of them because the bounce of noise around.


Crowds didn't necessarily translate into sales. It often seemed hard to get anyone to stop at the tables in our section.

Going between the two sections of Artist Alley was made tough by the spam-logging central walkway connecting the two areas.

No one seemed interested in buying original art.

And finally, although nothing to do with the con itself, the time it took to get dinner at the Elephant and Castle on the first night was shocking!

Result - a little too rich for my blood. With people seemingly only interested in my low return items, I cannot justify doing the show and taking such a loss, sadly.

Also, around the second half of Saturday I really started to miss my kids.

I am still in search of an out-of-town show which ticks the boxes for me. For now, I think I'll try to get into Wonder Con next year, and do Long Beach at the end of this year - who knows besides that.

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