Sunday, 31 March 2013

Page Previews - state of things to come

I wanted to share a few things with everyone, show off some art previews and all that.

First up - The Black Wraith, issue 2 (by Williams, Harris, Breckel and Cvetkovic);

Black Wraith #2 cover - art by M Lee Harris
Line art is finished, and the lettering is nearly there. Just awaiting colours, and then we are ready to go!

The Hero Code - Theatre of War (1 of 4 - by Gambell, Lister, Breckel and Cvetkovic);

art by Gary Lister
The Hero Code - Coming of the Occultist (one shot by Gambell, Calcagno, Breckel and Cvetkovic);

Art by Agustin Calcagno
These two stories will be released as digital first books, before being collected in print for conventions only.

There is also a back up story, written by Rich Lovatt, with art by M Lee Harris, colours by Heather Breckel and letters by Frank Cvetkovic -

This should be appearing in the back of Hero Code issue 3, which will continue the Menace of the Mannequin storyline.

Jonathan is nearly done with his Standard commitments, so should be back on the main book soon, and issue 2 of Department O, as mentioned in the previous post, is ready for Andrew.

Hope you dig these!

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