Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hero Code - What to do, what to do...

Hero Code is a near and dear series for me, something I have been working on for a very long time - perhaps all my comic reading life.

When issue one was launched with a successful Kickstarter, I really did think I would be putting out issues at the very least quarterly. I wrote ahead, plotted ahead, planned ahead, and kept going with grand ideas of an on-going indie superhero series, collected trades, phone book sized deluxe collections, the world was my oyster!

Sadly, life got in the way of that idea.

Jonathan Rector, the Hero Code artist, was tied up with other commitments, which slowed production.

Issue two came out as a fill-in, stand alone issue, with David Brame producing a great issue, something which stands alone, and works incredibly well within the bigger story.

I moved away from producing more fill-in issues, because of my own worries about the gap between issue one of Jonathan's first arc and the second part being too big.

I worked on some other projects. Sometimes my eyes got too big for my comic making stomach. Sometimes I wondered if my heart was really in the whole thing. And then real life was always there, and the amount of time I could use to write diminished.

I'm still ahead, but some days I feel like I've fallen behind.

So what should I do?

I have a Hero Code special half way done, featuring the art of Agustin Calcagno;

which leads into a separate mini-series by Gary Lister;

Which should run for 4 issues in total (part of the falling behind has been in writing this - I have it plotted fully, but only scripted to two issues).

Should I run these issues as Special, then 1-4, and then relaunch Hero Code, starting with David Brame's issue, and then into Jonathan Rector's run? 

That would make sense in a chronological sense. I could continue to have single issues available at shows until I have completed runs available as trades, and then run the stories on-line or as digital books.

I have Department O having been accepted on the Comixology Submit platform, and coming soon - so perhaps this will allow me to get the other MPS books onto the service.

Do I just keep going, and keep the numbering as is, with the mini-series being put out as it's own series?

We shall see.

Basically, Hero Code is still going, it's just taking longer than originally planned. All part of indie comic book publishing, I guess...

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