Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The devastation with which a tornado struck Oklahoma yesterday was terrifying to behold.

I will be donating any proceeds raised through the Pay What You Want Month project - selling books at a name your price rate using Gum Road - to the Red Cross' Disaster Relief

This is not a call for you to buy any of the books in order to donate - please donate directly if you can. If anyone does buy a book, however, the money raised from sales for May will be donated to the Red Cross.

Books currently on there are:

Department O 1

Black Wraith 1

Hero Code 2


The Id is a Lonely Monster

Thank you.

ETA: Because the need for relief is immediate, I have made a donation today - basically taking the amount already raised, averaging it out to a daily amount, and adding it together for the whole month. If money raised goes over that amount, I'll make another donation at a later date.

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