Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Intranauts - plans

David Brame is an incredibly talented artist.

I was lucky enough to work with David on one of the issues of Hero Code, and loved what he did with the contained story - bringing a lot of heart and soul to a piece which was light on dialogue, and carried heavily by the art.

I've been planning a new series with him for a while, and things are coming together.

Intranauts will be a web-first series by myself and David - we're at the character design and early plotting stage, but the general idea is that this is a team of super-powered heist men who travel to different realities to steal precious artifacts.

Promo-piece, art by Giannis Milonogiannis - logo designed by M. Lee Harris
To what end, we do not know...yet. What we do know is that they have mastered inter-dimensional travel, and that most of the realities they visit are about to undergo a crisis of some kind.

What do we mean by web-first?

I've been wondering about the validity of single issue comics from indie creators for a while now. I am nowhere near the stage of needing off-set print runs, doing print runs in the thousands, and so printing via POD services. As good as these are, the cost really doesn't offer much return.

Abacus - Character designs by David Brame

I feel like I need to build a readership - the false start of Hero Code (it will be done, I promise!) hurt the momentum of that storyline (I am working at making the book less linear, and enabling more fluidity in the reading order, which means that I'll be able to produce more issues and books). With a regular web-story, I think I can build some of that momentum back up - which I hope will bleed back into the other titles, Department O and, of course, Hero Code.

With that in mind, I think we can be freer with the story telling method on this one. We aren't locked into the 22ish pages of story for a single issue, and can play with time a little more (work on page turns vs updates, let story parts grow, etc). We've settled on producing 5 pages a month - probably publishing an initial 8 page intro before going into weekly updates - 60 pages.

Nu Romantic - designs by David Brame

60 page chapters, which could be oversized issues. If we do get interest and go to print, I'd probably do something akin to the larger magazine sized format I used to read as reprints back in the UK.

David and I are going to get working on this in July, and I hope to have the first chunk ready in August.

Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great idea; building momentum and all. Good luck!