Saturday, 29 June 2013

Only the crumbliest...

I've been a flake. And it's taken me a long time to come to terms with this.

I fooled myself into confusing the menu and the meal, and have thought myself to be so very busy. I'd forgotten one simple fact; in most visual mediums you haven't made a thing until you've made a thing.

I've got so many scripts in place, so many ideas being worked out, but no one cares about the work that I am about to do, currently doing or thinking of doing.

Very very few comic book writers can garner excitement over the announcement of an idea. I'm way down the totem pole of indie creators, and I'm not helped by having a lot of issue ones on my convention table.

Issue one says "here's an idea I'm forming". Lot's of issue ones say "here is a collection of ideas I haven't been able to finish".

Four years into this, and I still only have Omnitarium as a completed story.

Single issues, as I have talked a lot about in the past, are a hard sell for indie creators.

I was speaking with a very knowledgable comic book dealer recently, and, as he put it, single issues have an inbuilt shelf life. We've been trained to think of them as disposable, as ever changing - get the latest issue while you can! If you have a single issue for sale at a con, that's great for the first year - but every year that you have that issue on your table is another year where you haven't been able to sell it.

I need to focus on finishing some of these ideas off and getting some trades out, increasing the shelf life of these stories somewhat.

Again, I am leaning towards the idea of releasing digital singles, and print collected editions. I think I'd enjoy doing a name your price week at initial release on digital (using Gum Road), and then setting the price at a uniform level. I'm also underway in getting books onto Comixology.

I'll now indulge somewhat and spill exactly where I am at with the books I'm working on.

Department O - The arc "Body Politic" is going to be tied up in 3 issues - the last one being an oversized issue to finish things off. We should be starting work on issue 2 in August, and issue 3 soon after.

Hero Code - the arc Menace of the Mannequin (with Jonathan Rector) has stalled for a couple of years now. Jonathan is still finishing off other commitments. Once these are done, work on the remaining four issues will start up again.

Art by Jonathan Rector
The arc Theatre of War (with Gary Lister) is coming together nicely - issue one is nearly done, and the scripts for the remaining 3 issues are plotted out and in various stages of completion.

Art by Gary Lister
The special And Then There Was One (originally called The Coming of the Occultist) is two pages away from completion.

Art by Agustin Calcagno
Black Wraith - Art for issues 1-3 is complete and lettered - colouring is underway on issue 2. Issue 4 will be finishing off over the next couple of months.

Art by M L Harris, colour by Heather Breckel
Intranauts - David and I will be starting work on the first installment of this ongoing webseries in July. I want to have a big first chapter (8-10 pages) go up at launch, then settle into a page a week updates (which might increase to 2 pages in time).

Design by David Brame
Thank you for letting me indulge.

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Michael Jahhdog said...

I wanna be a CRIMINAL!

Sigh.. I am a "member" of this "cake" club too! We as art buddies can certainly relate and get "art buddy" excitement over each others "ideas" but you are right. I gotta get "arrested"! It isn't about the crime I am thinking about, it is about The "crimes" I have done!!!