Monday, 2 September 2013

Print or Skint - part 5 - sharing is caring

Something which I tried with Department O, and have since put into place with all MPS stuff, is to have in place a shared folder of files for a book that can be accessed by those who worked on the project.

The idea is to have these open as an option for people to print as needed. Using POD services, collaborators can print a batch of books if they plan to attend a convention, which helps get the books out there, and hopefully make some money for people!

It even allows for the creation of a cover (sketch ones are always good for conventions) as per each individual creator.

The only thing I ask is to retain exclusivity for digital copies, and for a uniform copyright notice.

I also make sure to let anyone who draws pin ups or other material for me that their work is theirs to montise (again, with due copyright notice).

As it becomes easier to produce the end product in comic books, it should become easier to spread ideas and to help collaborators share and share in the spoils of their work.

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