Sunday, 15 September 2013

Print or Skint - part 7 Further thoughts on Patreon

Further thinking on Patreon - perhaps I should test this for the subscription service, rather than asking for an up front subscription?

One idea would be to keep it as a purely Hero Code thing. I would be doing the main series, and the Theatre of War mini-series. I'd like to aim for around a book every two months.

It could be something along the following, in terms of the backing - digital subscription, physical subscription, trade/graphic novel subscription only (that is, rather than getting the individual issues, one could back at a higher level, and get the trades as and when they were available).

Another thing I could do would be to run it as a Monkey Pipe thing - that is every time a MPS book is completed, subscribers would get a copy. I would do it no more than once a month.


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