Wednesday, 25 September 2013

When is a Kickstarter not a Kickstarter

I had good success with my first Kickstarter.

Issue one of Hero Code was funded though it, and, apart from one non-claimant and a handful of "guest appearance" spots to come in later issues, all the rewards were fulfilled in good time.

I've thought about going back to using the crowd sourcing model. For one thing, it seems to have grown considerably since I first used it three or so years ago. Another thing is that in many ways it really helps broaden ones reach. If one uses the idea of the costs as advertising costs, it can be a really effective tool at getting your work out to more readers.

I've been reluctant to use it for smaller, single issue works - I seem to be doing okay getting these finished on my own, and with Hero Code relaunching with Agustin, should be able to pick up the pace on the next issues of the first arc (and thus fulfill those outstanding appearance rewards!).

Instead I've been thinking ahead, perhaps later next year, at perhaps doing a campaign to help put out a trade of the first arc.

It would be the first five issue story, plus the sixth stand alone issue story, plus a short, plus some other bonus material. I'd love to put it out as a 6x9 full colour hard back. Using KS would enable me, I think, to get a bigger print run, fulfill rewards, and have stock left over for a lot of conventions.

Couple of things I'm considering on this;

1. I'll probably start to run the Hero Code as a webseries on the MPS website next year. I think this will help build some interest for the launch of any Kickstarter campaigns, as well as generally help build the audience for the series.

2. I've really liked the approach that Fabian Rangel Jr and Ryan Cody have taken with their Boss Snake Kickstarter campaign. It ties in the launch of a one shot in taking place in the universe of their mini-series, Doc Unknown (which is excellent - a real masterclass in done-in-one adventure story telling while building a world for the characters - highly recommend it!) while at the same time helps to produce the trade of that mini-series also. Perhaps one of the reward tiers for any Hero Code trade campaigns could be a one-shot story? Or even the first issue of the Theatre of War mini series?

I kind of like the idea of building simultaneous platforms - having the first issue in the next story arc as a reward for the trade, getting people ready for the next stories.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section (and be sure to check out the Boss Snake campaign!).

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TSOG said...

I'd be into the trade thing. I get the digital versions of the books because shipping costs are brutal and I don't have the patience to wait, but I would definitely be interested in a compilation with a few extras.