Thursday, 10 October 2013

Gary Lister is Fantastic, and Agustin Calcagno is Pretty Great Too!

I've been working with Gary on the WWII set Hero Code mini-series, The Theatre of War for a short while now. We're nearly done with issue one of the four part series.

Gary contacted me and wanted to share some process work for a possible cover for the issue.

Pretty quickly that became the cover art.

Then Gary wanted to keep going, to colour the cover, to help letter and design it, tighten up the logo and help make it look a little different from that of the ongoing series, but keep the same flavour there, to basically finish the cover and hit it out of the park.

I simply sat back and watched the art come in.

While this is happening, Agustin continues to send in finished pages for Hero Code ongoing issue two.

I'm very lucky to have such great creators collaborating with me.

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