Thursday, 31 October 2013

HCTOW Prologue - Digital edition

Happy Halloween all!

Hero Code Theatre of War's prologue issue is now available for digital download on Gumroad.

Click here to go to Gumroad to get your copy now!
For it's initial week of release (basically until next wednesday) it will be available as a name-your-price book.

After that it will be the usual $1.99.

It's a full color, 22 story page issue which serves as a stand alone tale but also sets up the first issue in a four issue Hero Code mini-series.

I have sent files off to print for Long Beach, for those of you who prefer the smell of paper, and will be there - and will add any left over copies to the store in December.

I've also submitted the issue to Comixology, and will be adding it to DriveThru soon.

Also, the Black Wraith tee-shirt campaign is still going on Teespring - we are currently at 4 teeshirts ordered, and need at least 20 for the teeshirt to be made.

We have 17 days left on that campaign, so if you want one of those tee-shirts, please back the campaign in the next couple of weeks.

Have fun tonight, and don't eat too much candy!

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