Friday, 4 October 2013

Print or Skint part 9 - Simple

When I ran the Kickstarter for Hero Code issue one, it started out as a means to do a print run for the book. Changes in circumstance meant that it pretty quickly became a campaign to help finish the production on the first issue.

I thought I had a simple reward structure in place, but, as anyone who has run a campaign, all those little things start to add up - and with them so does shipping.

It was a modest campaign, in many respects. 106 backers, and, thanks to a couple of really great last minute folk, it made it's goal.

It always left me wondering, however, how simple could a campaign be, and still be a success.

I have been turned off from many a Kickstarter campaign because I could not see the easy in - that one reward point which got you the item at what was a good deal.

I think that there is a fine balance between rewarding your backers as early investors, and still making enough mark up on the rewards to ensure that you aren't out of pocket, but rather that the campaign has served its goal - namely to kick start something for you (meaning that it wasn't just about the campaign, and leaving you with nothing at the end, but rather a launching board to create a product that you could then take out and move forward with, away from the campaign).

You want to reward your backers with them getting the book for less than they will be able to get it at a later point, frankly, but you also have to be aware of various costs, and making sure that you have the room to produce more than you need to fulfill these initial rewards.

I'm looking at testing this idea with a very simple campaign for a Black Wraith collected edition next year.

It really would be as simple as offering two initial reward tiers - one for a digital copy, one for a print copy (perhaps a third tier would be a limited early backer tier, and a fourth would be a bundle tier, if stores wanted to get in on ordering).

It will have a low goal amount, something which could be attainable with less than 100 backers.

It will also have some stretch goals - something to reward early backers - because, you never know.

We shall see, but I kind of like the idea of trying it out at the very least.

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