Sunday, 22 December 2013

Why Do We Do This?

Seriously, why create comic books?

It's a small industry that seems to shrink every year, with little monitory reward, long, lonely hours, and requires (in this modern age more so) quite a bit of shilling and "putting oneself out there".

Often times it gets a bad rep - poor treatment, some nastiness, a lot of misogyny, some other isms, all leaving a very bitter taste in ones mouth.

There are constant stories of former greats on hard times; losing their houses; medical bills piling up; big corporations trying to take them down. When these stories hit, more and more the so called fans shout abusive, hateful things from the sidelines.

At shows you occasionally catch the mean glint in the eye of a passing potential reader, who simply can't wait to tell you why you're a terrible creator.

I have a job. A good job. Pays well, long hours, but provides enough for me to provide well for my family. It also allows me to make comics.

Sometimes, when I try to burn the candle at both ends, my health takes a hit - too many early mornings and late nights, trying to cram a bit of creating in on either side of a 12+ hour work day.

I make comics because the act of creating gives me joy.

It makes me incredibly happy to tell my story to a fellow creator, and collaborate with them, and have them share my story back with me, using their art to retell it.

It makes me incredibly happy when someone says "I enjoyed that" or "that was good".

I'm in a privileged position to not have to do this for a living, so I can sit back sometimes - take myself out of the nastier side of that world.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself why I do this.