Monday, 28 April 2014

Comixology Kurfuffle

Comixology, one of the big players in 3rd party digital comic book reading, announced a couple of big changes recently.

Firstly, they were bought by Amazon.

Secondly, they announced a change in their app which saw the ability to buy comics within the app removed, making readers need to visit their online store and then download the comics to the app.

Not a surprising move - taking the Apple model as an example, if you bought a comic on your iPad to read on the app, the money would be split 30/30/40 roughly (apple/comixology/creator). Taking out that middle man (apple) from the money side of things seems like an obvious thing to do. Especially as Amazon want in on the lucrative phone and tablet market.

As of writing there as been no word as to whether this removal of the middle man sees the split going to a straight 50/50, or to a 30/70 between Comixology and creator.

Many people complained about the move, citing the added layer of purchase as a pain in the butt which would remove casual buyers, and some even saying make them look to torrenting comics in the future.

For indie creators on the Submit side of the world, not really sure how this will affect us, and it could be a year or so before any of us get the numbers to indicate if it does indeed affect us at all.

As for my own part in this, MPS will still have books on Comixology, because, quite frankly, it has proven to be the widest and best reach for our comics online thus far. We don't have any in-store clout, nor are we likely to at any point soon, and online store fronts are steady but low.

For those who aren't going to run to the torrents, you can buy MPS books on Comixology here.

For those who hate Comixology and want to move away, you can buy MPS books via Gumroad here.

For those who don't want to pay a penny to anyone, you can read the comics, ad free, online here.


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