Thursday, 17 April 2014

The WonderCon of you - April 18-20

Tomorrow sees the start of the WonderCon weekend in Anaheim.

I'll be at table AA-237 for my first con of the year.

I'll have the following stuff available -


Hero Code issues 1, 2 and the stand alone issue 6.

issue 1, cover art by Drew Johnson
Issue 2, art by Agustin Calcagno
issue 6 art by David Brame
Hero Code Theatre of War Prologue (art card editions - come with sketch cards)

art by Agustin Calcagno
4 of the sketch cards from the series
Hero Code Theatre of War issue 1 ashcan (black and white)

art by Gary Lister
The Black Wraith - ashcan sets (four issues)

issue one cover by Ming Doyle
Omnitarium trades (full and half sized, as well as a couple of sets of issues 1-4 left)

art by J C Grande

Department O issues 1 and 2

art by Andrew MacLean
Samurai The Graphic Novel book 1

cover by Drew Johnson
Hero Code issue 1 sketch cover editions

this one's by me!
I'll also have some prints, a few mini-comics (ID is the lonely monster), collectors card sets.


Price list is as follows:

$5 - single comics/prints

$10 - Books or sets (Omnitarium, Black Wraith set, Samurai)

$20 - sketch covers (though I often do deals on the ones I've done as I have no confidence as an artist!)

And I tend to do bundle deals - normally $20 for five prints, and this convention I'll have the Mega Bundle deal - a copy of everything and a print (so 3 sets or books, 7 comics, a print) for $50.

I'll also be doing a few sketch cards myself while there.

And, yes, I take credit cards.


I'm also going to be running a raffle - every transaction will get you a ticket, every Mega Bundle transaction will get you five. Prize is a rather excellent sketch cover by Russell Fox, featuring Matt Smith's Doctor.

Hopefully I'll see you there - table AA 237 (like the room in the Shining, but I promise not to chase you into a snowy maze with an axe).

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smartmoneyhelp said...

Cant believe I missed this event. I'm right down in Diamond Bar. Darn

Mike from Tee For Causes