Tuesday, 22 April 2014

WonderCon remembered

WonderCon was great fun. I managed to put a lot of faces to names I knew online, and said hi to some old faces. I also managed to meet a few backers of the Black Wraith kickstarter, which was really cool.

So how did I do?

Pretty good. The people who wanted stuff actually wanted stuff, and often times I would suddenly be aware of someone at my table, book in hand, wanting to buy it.

Books were the big mover. Artist Alley seems to become less and less about actual single issues or new comics, and more and more about original art and prints - this show was no different. Maybe because of the rest of the AA, people came to my table primarily for comics.

Prints have never been a big mover for me, and I've been rethinking my table layout quite a lot. They take up a lot of space, and rarely serve as more than browsing material. I think it's time to lose the big prints, maybe prints all together, and focus on the comics.

A thing which has remained constant at every show, is interest in the little collector card sets I have. I have a pack of 6 cards featuring Hero Code characters by different artists, little bios on the back, and sell these for a dollar a set. I've not done a show where I haven't sold a handful of these, and WonderCon was no different - I think, all in, I sold around 15 sets.

They are small, take up little space, and pay for themselves quite quickly (cost of art, cost of printing (I use GotPrint's collector card option), cost of plastic sleeve). I think a lot of people have mentioned in the past the importance of having a low priced item at your table for casual buyers, and the cards have proven to be a great item for me. I'll be producing more sets soon.

I may not do another show this year until Long Beach in September. By then I should have at least another issue of Hero Code finished, as well as another Theatre of War issue, and, of course, The Black Wraith digest book (we shall see how the Kickstarter goes as to what form this book takes, color or black and white).

All in all, I enjoyed WonderCon - the banner I have now really helped attract people, and I feel like I need to focus on comics as the primary item I am presenting - having more issues this time around, rather than a large selection of issue ones, really helped.


Javier Hernandez said...

Good to hear that your books were moving. And the collector card sets are an idea I've been meaning to 'steal' from ya for awhile now!

Regarding the prints: Would you hazard a guess as to why you think they don't move? Would folks buy them if the artists were there? Does that matter?

Prints of my work are always hit or miss. Granted, some of it depends on whether folks are attracted to the images. But sometimes it's seemed, to me at least, that they had to choose between getting one of my comics or picking up a print.

Jamie Gambell said...

I think definitely having an artist on hand would help - but even so, I have prints featuring work by Karl and Drew Johnson, and have been at shows with both of them, and it hasn't made a difference.

I genuinely think that in a sea of licensed character prints, original content gets drowned out.

I will be making more of a two pronged effort - make the focus the comics, and make the comics on display more focussed. I've ordered a stand to hold extra stuff to one side, but will be really pushing the Hero Code main series at show from now on.