Saturday, 30 August 2014

Black Wraith Kickstarter in numbers

Total amount raised - $1742

Total amount received (less Amazon/KS charges) - $1555.35

Total number of backers - 120

Total number of failed pledges - 2

Total number of backers who didn't respond to surveys - 5


Print costs (for x500 copies from Printninja) - $1515.94

Art for pledges - $560

Add ons and supplies - $183

Shipping (at present) - $295.77

The Book:

Number shipped as part of KS - 86

Number of comp copies sent - 41


Final balance (amount raised less amount spent) - $-999.36

Remaining books (for sale) - 372


I wanted to do a micro campaign to test if I could raise a small amount in a short time to help print. 

Originally my plan was to work out the cost of printing double the required number of books. 

I was using various printing services to determine this amount, and then roughly estimating shipping costs.

I tried to encourage overseas backers to use the digital reward option, but didn't want to totally dissuade them from getting a physical copy. It did mean that the overseas pledge level was high, but it was necessary to cover those shipping costs.

I originally started with just the book being offered, but began to introduce sketches and other stretch rewards as the campaign went on - this added costs, but also brought in some very high backers.

I shifted from my original planned printers to Printninja as the Kickstarter raised more money, and as I opened talks with Printninja (who were excellent, if anyone is interested!).

It meant that I would be out of pocket for some of the campaign, but I decided to risk that for the sake of having more inventory to sell after the campaign.

As it stands I will be selling the books at $10.95 on my online store (plus shipping) and at shows.

With 371 books left to sell (rounding down to $10) I will recover costs if I sell 100 books.

Would I do more micro Kickstarters? I think so. I like the idea of using this model to help cover costs of printing collected editions of books. I'd also use Printninja again in a heartbeat - they really are fantastic for what I needed them for.

The campaign may be a higher amount in future, to help with color costs, bigger book costs etc, but I think the low amount, short time model worked well.

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