Saturday, 20 September 2014

Long Beach table 1603

It's nearly time for the Long Beach Comic Con!

I think this is the sixth, and I'll be there - sharing table 1603 with Jesse Toves.

I'll have the following books on hand -

Department O issues 1 and 2 ($5 each)

Hero Code issues 1, 2 and 6 ($5 each)

Hero Code Theatre of War prologue sketch card editions ($5 each)

Black Wraith volume one ($10 each)

Samurai volume one ($10 each)

Jesse will have copies of his book, Pages of 8 (he may also have some copies of Trouble, Guts and Noir).

He'll also have some 3d printed Black Wraith busts for sale - unique collectables!

Plus, he'll be doing sketches.

See you there!

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Smif said...

Looking forward to seeing you and Jesse!