Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Monkey Pipe, Now, Then, When...

Work continues on issue 4 of Hero Code (issue 3 is still being coloured) and issue 3 of Hero Code Theatre of War.

Department O issue 3 has a finished script, and I'm now just waiting for a) the chance to save up some money and b) a window in Andrew's schedule for us to get together and finish that up.

The Black Wraith one shot is about half way done. I need to finish the script for the fourth chapter, and then the art for chapter's 3 and 4 will need to be done.

I still have plans for Samurai Billy.

I'm folding the Intranauts storyline into a later Hero Code story, so may revisit that down the line.

I have plans for a few more Kickstarters in the future, 3 bigger ones, and perhaps 2 micro campaigns. The schedule for these looks something like this;

Mid 2015 - The Hero Code Menace of the Mannequin campaign - this will help make a soft cover print run which will collect the first 6 issues of The Hero Code in one volume.

Early 2016 - The Hero Code Theatre of War campaign - this will help make a soft cover print run which will collect the prologue issue and the three issues of the WWII set story in one volume.

Mid/Late 2016 - Department O Body Politic campaign - this will help make a 6x9 hard cover print run collecting all three issues of Department O.

These three will all be bigger campaigns than I've run before, but maintaining the simplicity of the Black Wraith campaign.

I'm also thinking of doing a micro campaign for The Black Wraith one shot (perhaps a treasury edition sized book), and perhaps one for a future Samurai Billy book.

My idea is to produce runs either at 1,000 or 2,000 copies, and then only reprinting when a book sells out. I'll be looking to do a few more shows out of LA during this time, shrinking down what I'll be taking with me to have more focus on these collected editions.

That's pretty much where I'm at. I'll be finishing up a few books over the next year, and then taking stock of what I want to do, shifting focus onto just the Hero Code.

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jahhdog said...

I am excited to see where Monkey Pipe is heading...