Wednesday, 31 December 2014

End of Days (2014 edition)

Hello all, here we are at the end of another year, looking forward into the abyss sweet future of 2015!

How was 2014?

Well, I didn't make nearly as many comics as I would like (but I never do, maybe it's time to start tempering expectation?).

I didn't make it to as many conventions as I would like.

My day job career continued it's steady climb up.

My family is amazing, and infuriating, and I love them (both sides of the world).

What should I be looking forward to doing, or trying to do in 2015?

1. I'm going to slow down comic production as the day job shifts, but will be hitting some markers that I've been building to for a while now. Hero Code's first arc should be finishing up in 2015, and Theatre of War (the second arc) is nearly complete too.

2. Conventions, I will be attending a few next year, but holding off on tabling until I have more completed books to show. I may fly or drive up to ECCC, simply because a) it's a great show, and b) there are so many creators I like there, and collaborators I haven't met in person. But I won't be tabling there next year.

3. Day job, hopefully, will get interesting. The long running show I am on may be coming to a close, the tax incentives will be kicking in, so I'm hoping next year will be an exciting one.

4. My family are amazing.

Anything new?

I'm going to be working on an autobio comic in 2015, aiming to do 2 pages a month for a finished 24 page book at the end. I may try to do each page within an hour - a 24 hour comic spread over the year.

I will be running a Kickstarter for Hero Code vol 1. It will contain issues 1-6, as well as sketches, pin ups and a few odds and ends. It will be a bigger Kickstarter than I've ever run, so I'm nervous.

I will be writing a prose Black Wraith story. I fell sick at the start of 2014, and my writing muscle never fully recovered, so I need an exercise to get it back into shape.

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you to everyone who has read, supported, shared, commented, generally been great about my stuff over the year!

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Michael Jahhdog said...

Looking forward to more Jamie Gambell goodness in 2015! All the best! ArrOOoo!