Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Year of The Indie - Part One, The Motherless Oven

Here is the first in a series of 12 short reviews for indie books I'll be running throughout 2015.

First up is Rob Davis' Motherless Oven (published by SelfMadeHero)

A fantastic piece of work which immerses the reader in an unsettling world, skirting nightmarish ideas along the line of wondrous childlike imaginations, the short of it is that Motherless Oven is an excellent book.

Great little touches, like the graveyard of Mother's Ruin - where old manufactured mothers are sent when they no longer have any purpose (a fountain of refreshment gin at the centre of a steampunk garden just adds to the sadness of the scene) - are throughout the book.

Ultimately the book has a great heart at the centre, and you really start to care about the characters, become invested in them as they journey to the edges of their world - trying to outrun their fate (literally for Scarper Lee, our protagonist, destined to meet his end as his deathday approaches).

I will be running a contest in December, a chance for someone to win all of the 12 books reviewed in the Year of the Indie series of reviews. Stay tuned for details!


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