Friday, 6 March 2015

Year of the Indie - Part two, My Friend Dahmer

I haven't forgotten about doing these, just a few days behind posting.

The second book in this series is My Friend Dahmer, by Derf Backderf.

A biocomic about Mr Backderf looking back at his time growing up in the same town, attending the same school, as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The book better when Backderf focusses more on his own unapologetic feelings about Dahmer, and his own thoughts about growing up in small town america in the 70's. There are a couple of nice, creeper moments, when the perspective shifts to Dahmer's POV, but too often there are unnecessary "shocking true crime" lead outs, one too many "but this wouldn't be the last time Dahmer thought about killing!" moments, which I felt didn't work as well.

It's still a fascinating book, well worth the read.

I will be running a contest in December, a chance for someone to win all of the 12 books reviewed in the Year of the Indie series of reviews. Stay tuned for details!


Javier Hernandez said...

I should look for this at the libraries. Been meaning to read it. Thanks for sharing your review.

Michael Jahhdog said...

I have also read this book and thought the interactions the author had with Dahmer were the most interesting part of the comic. If you have a passing interest in Jeffrey Dahmer or are a Derf fan you will find "My Friend Dahmer" a worthwhile read...


Jamie Gambell said...

Javier - if you can wait until December, you may win a copy (along with 11 other indie books!).

Michael - I agree. I also felt that the moment when Derf brought his own thoughts and feelings about dealing with the discovery about Dahmer were much better handled than the more sensational beats.

Still, a good read.