Sunday, 17 May 2015

Department O 3 and beyond

Along with Hero Code Theatre of War being finished (interior art) I am currently receiving the pages to complete issue 5 of The Hero Code: Menace of the Mannequin.

This leaves Department O.

Unused Department O cover, art by Andrew MacLean
The final script for issue 3, which wraps up the first story, The Body Politic, is finished. It runs at 35 pages, which will make the whole story run at 80 pages when done, with the book being closer to 96-100 pages when done with added mater.

There are two barriers that stand between us starting and finishing the book, which are money and time - namely finding a moment when Andrew is available to work on the story.

I am striving to focus on this series and really push to get it finished, so once the art for MotM is complete (and, based on how fast Agustin can work, it will not be ver long at all!) I will put that book aside to get to work on Department O.

This will leave both Hero Code series waiting coloring and some lettering, but I think pushing to get Department O done will be worth it.

My plan still remains to complete each series and then run small Kickstarter's to do print runs for the completed books. I will still be looking to publish in 6x9 and start with funding for 1000 copies, pushing to 2000 as push goals during the campaigns (the bump in cost to print 1k and 2k copies is actually so slight, that it wouldn't take much of a push to get there).

Once the first KS is complete, I can focus on finishing up Hero Code and Hero Code Theatre of War (running KS's for each of them) before getting back to work on the Black Wraith book.

ETA: If any artist friends out there want to provide fan art for Department O, please let us know, thank you!

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