Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hero Code Theatre of War - art wrap up

I just received the last few pages of interior art on the Hero Code mini series, Theatre of War.

There's still a long way to go - we need to letter the last issue, color the 3 issues that Gary Lister provided art on, and then put the whole thing together - but this is a big step towards completing an arc of the series.

Prologue issue - art by Agustin Calcagno

So what next?

After the above work is completed, I'll be adding the series to Comixology (where the prologue is already up) as three stand alone issues.

Issue one - art by Gary Lister

Then I'll be looking to run a Kickstarter to do a small print run of the series in a collected edition.

As mentioned before, the books size will be 6x9. The campaign will be a similar paired down one as the Black Wraith one was, offering the book in digital and print editions, some sketch editions, maybe some original art work.

Issue two - art by Gary Lister

I've been thinking a lot about the size of MPS print runs. There is a part of me which wants to keep the whole thing simple, manageable, and limited to a single print run of 1 or 2 thousand at most. If I ever sell out of a book (how ever long that takes) maybe I'll consider doing a second print, but the books will be available in perpetuity on Comixology, so I'm less inclined to do that - storage and management of books is a hassle, and I'm pretty sure I won't be selling out of anything too soon given how few conventions I actually attend.

6x9 is a good size - prices will be around $10-15 a piece, depending on page count, etc. The plan is to start with an amount on Kickstarter that will cover a print run in soft cover of 1,000 books. If I push past that amount, I'll look at 2k, then hardcover.

With the other books we're working on:

Hero Code - art on issue 5 has began (about 6 pages are complete). This 5th issue will need lettering, and issues 4 and 5 color for the first arc to be finished.

Department O - issue 3 to be done

Black Wraith Life of Crime one shot - chapters three and four to be done.

That's plenty to keep me busy for now, and some time for us to think about what comes next for MPS.

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