Sunday, 14 June 2015

Year of the Indie - Part Three, Apocalyptigirl

Full disclosure, I have a huge art crush on Andrew MacLean, and have had one for years. So with that in mind, this is less a review, and more a case of me promoting a book which I think you should all own. Seriously. Buy this book. You won't be disappointed.

Andrew's art has been growing and improving over the years that he has been working on self-published books for other writers (including my own Department O), and his story telling has really come to life with his own self-published series, Headlopper.

This book, a contained original graphic novel, continues his growth as a story teller, includes some incredible art and design work, and looks fantastic as a physical package (again, seriously, buy this book - the physical copy - it's so well put together!).

It's a great book by a truly great artist becoming one of the best graphic story tellers around.

Did I mention that I think you should buy this book?

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, various comic book stores...

I will be running a contest in December, a chance for someone to win all of the 12 books reviewed in the Year of the Indie series of reviews. Stay tuned for details!

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