Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Hero Code - where's it at?

Art duties have finished on Hero Code for issues 1-6, with just a few production issues to wrap up issue's 4 and 5 before they are complete.

Here's a run down of where we're at, with an outline of our plans going forward -

Hero Code issue 1

Cover by Drew Johnson
Wrapped! This one was finished a while back, featuring art by Jonathan Rector, colors by series colorists Heather Breckel, and letters by Frank Cvetkovic (the first print featured lettering by Bernie Lee, but we redid the first issue for the sake of continuity as Frank took over for the series).

Available on ComiXology and Drivethru

Hero Code issue 2

cover by Agustin Calcagno
Wrapped! Agustin took over art duties on this issue (Jonathan had other commitments) and has now completed the first 5 issues.

Available on ComiXology and Drivethru

Hero Code issue 3
Agustin again!

Available on ComiXology and Drivethru

Hero Code issue 4
Agustin Calcagno

Issue needs coloring and formatting - I'm hoping for a December 2015 release.

Hero Code issue 5
Agustin pays homage to the fantastic Justice League cover by Kevin Maguire 
Needs coloring and lettering - hoping for a January 2016 release.

Pretty soon after this I'll be running a Kickstarter (March?) to put the first 5 issues into a printed volume.

Hero Code issue 6
By David Brame
Wrapped! This was originally done as a stand alone story after issue 1, and was later moved to become issue 6. Features art by David Brame, and lettering by Jim Campbell. This book is up and ready to be released on ComiXology once issue 5 has been released - hopefully February 2016.

Hero Code Issue 7 and on...

Agustin will be leaving the book after issue 5 to pursue other commitments (I'm going to miss him!) and David will be taking over art duties on the series. Issue 7 sees the start of a 2 part story line. Brother's Keeper, headlining the Black Wraith on the search for his brother's killers, and then we will have 2 more stand alone stories before returning to the adventures of Optiman, Myth and The Black Wraith for a six issue run which takes us to the end of the first chapter in the series.

Hopefully issue 7 will be ready for lettering and coloring some time in January, for an April 2016 release.

And what about Hero Code Theatre of War?

Theatre of War - Prologue issue
Art by Agustin!
Wrapped! This prologue issue features art by Agustin, with the regular gang of Hero Code collaborators, and takes place during the second world war in our Hero Code universe.

Available on ComiXology and Drive-thru

Hero Code Theatre of War issue 1
Cover by story artist Gary Lister
Needs coloring - I'm hoping to get this one finished in December for a January 2016 release.

Hero Code Theatre of War issue 2
Lister again!
Needs coloring - hoping to get this one done in February 2016 for a March/April release.

Hero Code Theatre of War issue 3
More Lister!
Needs coloring - hoping to get this one done March 2016 for a May/June release.

Once this is done I'll be running a second Kickstarter (August?) to put this mini series (the 3 issues by Gary Lister, and the prologue by Agustin Calcagno) into print.

By this stage I am hoping that issue 8 of the ongoing series will be finished, and ready for color and lettering.

Amongst this I'll also be trying to find a time when Andrew MacLean and our starts align to get working on Department O issue 3 - which will complete that series (another Kickstarter? Perhaps in 2017?)

So we have;

Hero Code 1 - done
Hero Code 2 - done
Hero Code 3 - done
Hero Code Theatre of War Prologue - done
Hero Code 4 - December?
Hero Code 5 - January?
Hero Code Theatre of War 1 - January?
Hero Code 6 - February
Kickstarter for Hero Code 'Menace of the Mannequin' (1-5)? March?
Hero Code Theatre of War 2 - March?
Hero Code 7 - April?
Hero Code Theatre of War 3 - May?
Kickstarter for Hero Code 'Theatre of War'? August?
Hero Code 8 - August?

All dates are of course subject to change, but here's hoping we can get this stuff done. Once I have some complete collected editions of the series I'll be looking to go to some more shows and conventions.

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