Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hero Code - Lucky 7

Work has begun on Hero Code issue 7

Hero Code issue 7 page 2 - art by David Brame
Coloring is due on issues four and five for the series, which will see the completion of the first arc, The Menace of the Mannequin.

David Brame will be taking over the art duties for the series. He provided art for issue 6 (which was published as issue 2 for a short while, a stand alone story that we put out while waiting for art on what is now issue 2 - hopefully not too confusing!).

David Brame's cover to now issue 6

The first arc is very much an introductory story, hopefully leaving enough questions for readers to want to continue. The pacing on the next batch of stories will be different, and we will see more characters introduced.

The series has been hit by delays, some unforeseen (changing artists after delays), some the usual fare for self published work (day jobs, other priorities and commitments).

I'm hoping to have a little more stability and regularity in 2016 - we have issues 4 and 5 to come (as well as seeing 6 being released on ComiXology) and the 3 issues of the Theatre of War mini-series to come.

Hero Code Theatre of War issue 1 cover, art by Gary Lister
Even just getting these five books out in a year would be an improvement on previous years publishing records - so working on future books, and hoping to get at least two more issues in the bag would be quite a leap.

I've also been reworking scripts and folding in other story lines to the series, to make the whole thing hopefully move along smoother.

As always with self publishing, we are in the hands of other fates, but fingers crossed, there will be a lot more MPS stuff coming in the future.

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