Saturday, 19 December 2015

Asking A Lot

Been thinking a lot recently about whether or not to crowd fund my projects going forward.

Are we stuck asking the same group of people again and again to give again and again?

I'm not sure about the crowd building success I've had with my projects, never sat down to look at the backers across two Kickstarter campaigns, and see which percentages are repeat backers, which are new, and what percentage of backers from the first campaign fell off from the second.

But ultimately, I've been thinking a lot about comic work this year anyway. Hero Code has become something I do for my own personal pleasure, if people read it, that's great, but I'm doing it for me, and so is it right for me to ask others to pay?

I have wishes for the series, I wish I could put books out quicker. I wish I could be sure that the story I want to tell will be told across a bunch of issues, and that the people who work with me on it are getting something out of it too.

But I'm not trying to build an empire, break into publishing, become a full time comic writer with these books, I'm just trying to tell a story that I enjoy telling.

I still think Kickstarter and the other crowd funding services available are great, I'm just not sure if I want to do more of them.

What do you guys think?


Walter Ostlie said...

In the end you should do what you want and not do 'what we are supposed to do'. I think it is real easy to get caught up in the race and try to push for more then we really want. So if you are happy just making the comic, throwing it online for free and not caring if there is an audience or not. Then you should do that. take a away the stress. You can always run a KS later, that option will always be there.

However, if you are worried that you are just getting kickstarter backers that are the same people, I wouldn't worry about that. You can think of kickstarter as a preorder. These are people who read your other comics or like your pitch and they want to buy a copy of your comic. Just like they would for another other comic. Of course it is right that you ask people to pay for it. That fact that the same people are the ones backing your comics is a wonderful thing.

Jamie Gambell said...

Great points - thank you. I guess I am predisposed to see the negative, rather than the very obvious positive that you pointed out!