Friday, 18 March 2016

WonderCon - 2016 - AA Table B14

Hi all, it has been a while, hasn't it?

So here's what's happening;

The Hero Code

Issues 1-6 are completed. Issues 1-4 are available on Comixology now, with 5-6 coming soon.

Issue 7 is around 16 pages finished, art wise. David is doing great stuff with it!

The Hero Code Theatre of War

All issues are completed, art wise. The prologue is done, and available on Comixology. Issues 1-3 of the mini series are awaiting color, and then will go up.

Department O

Issues 1-2 are done, and on Comixology. A new artist will join us for issue 3, which completes the story. Claire Connelly - who I'm a huge fan of. Andrew was unable to finish the book, with the success of Headlopper keeping him busy (for a long time, I hope! It's a great book).

Claire will be starting work on the final chapter soon.

Black Wraith, A Life of Crime one-shot

Chapter one is done. Chapter two is finished art wise, and needs color. I think I have the artists lined up for chapter's three and four. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this up once Department O wraps.

I'll be at WonderCon 2016 - March 25th-27th - at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. Artist Alley, table B14.

I'll have a few books. I'm doing micro runs for the shows.

Hero Code Volume 1, cover art by Jonathan Rector
Volume 1 of Hero Code; The Menace of the Mannequin (collecting issues 1-5, full color) - $20
Volume 1 of Black Wraith (collecting 1-4 mini, black and white) - $10
Volume 1 of Hero Code; The Theatre of War (ashcan, collecting issues 1-3, black and white) - $10
Hero Code The Theatre of War Prologue issue (with original art collector card, full color) - $10

I'm sure I'll put together some bundle deals - $25 for Hero Code Vol 1, and Black Wraith Vol 1? $40 for all four? Something like that.

I'll also have some collector card sets, which I sell for $1. People have always seemed to dig those at shows.

The next show I'll definitely be at is Long Beach Comic Con - September 17th-18th. I may have some other completed books by then.

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