Thursday, 8 September 2016

Sept 2016

Hello all - Long Beach Comic Con fast approaches - Sept 17th and 18th - and I'll be tabling at L3 with a test run of copies of The Hero Code volume one, an ashcan of Hero Code Theatre of War, and copies of The Black Wraith. Stop by, say hi, try the books.

Issue 7 of Hero Code nears completion (couple of little fixes and some lettering to do) and issue 8 is about half way done.

Issue 7 sees us return to our current three cast members after the stand alone of issue 6, and 8 and 9 is a two part Black Wraith story. Issue 10 spotlights Myth for a story, before we go into issues 11-15, which ends the first major chapter in the story. 16 is a flash back story before we dive into the second major arc (titled 'A War in Heaven') and we start to introduce a lot more new characters.

Here's a peek at the cover for issue 8;

Art by David Brame, colors by Heather Breckel
Couple of questions for everyone - would anyone be interested in teeshirts if I ran a Teespring? If so, any particular character you'd be interested in seeing?

Also, I am thinking of running a Kickstarter for a good sized print run of The Hero Code Volume one - collecting issues 1-5 of the series - 6x9 sized, full color, about 140 pages - is that something people would be interested in backing?



Smif said...

I will back you on the graphic novel, Jamie!!! Good luck at the con!!!!

Jamie Gambell said...

Thanks, beautiful!