Daily Sketch Cards

As an ongoing series of art exercises, I have started to try to do a sketch card a day. Simple head-shots of comic and cartoon characters.

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I'll be updating here to keep track of them - oldest at the bottom...

023 - Peter Parker

I've been reading quite a lot of the early Ditko Spider-Man books, and felt inspired to do this one. I may do a series of the early villains from the series - there is an amazing completeness to the book, almost as if the world is formed as we know it from the off.

sketch card
022 - The Coma

Javier Hernandez's excellent character, The Coma! I did this one while I was fighting off a fever, so the lines are a little shaky.


021 - Madman

Mike Allred's Madman - love this character, great design!


020 - Flaming Carrot

I had a lot of fun with this one - it's a homage/rip-off of the Fantastic Four issue #51 cover, by Jack Kirby.


019 - Wonder Warthog

Big Shelby fan, love his FFB series. This one is supposed to be a play on the DKR cover (issue #4 I think?).


018 - Drive

I've only seen the opening 10 minutes or so, but something about this movie looks pretty cool to me. I've heard mixed reviews from "loved it" to "you could drive a truck through the pauses in the dialogue" - still appeals to me though.

sketch card
017 - Jared

Jerzy Drozd's Jared character, from his series, The Front - one of my son's favourites.

016 - Robot Thirteen

I'm a huge fan of Blacklist Studios' excellent book, Robot Thirteen, by Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford, and have been since I found out about it about four years ago - plus, it's always fun to draw tentacle monsters fighting robots!


015 - Elastigirl

And here is the final original member of Doom Patrol, Elastigirl! I used the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman film poster as a model for the card.

sketch card
014 - Negative Man

Day job has slowed me down a little on these, but here is the latest one - Doom Patrol's Negative Man.

sketch card
013 - Robotman

Doom Patrol's Robotman - via Fritz Lang's Metropolis. This one was hard, I think I erased the legs and arms at least five times each, and still wasn't happy with them.

sketch card
012 - Captain America

Trying, at the wife's suggestion, to do something less face-on. I photo-referenced a picture of Olympic discuss thrower, Bryan Clay, for the pose.

sketch card
011 - Black Widow

I used a photo of Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow (from Iron Man 2, I think) for the pose.

sketch card
010 - Iron Man

I decided to get some Micron pens and some better markers for these. This is the first one using those - Micron brush pen and really fine pointed pens are amazing, and I am, so far, really pleased with the Blick's brand markers I got.

Iron Man was one of the Marvel books I really followed as a kid - there was a real sense of a grand, ongoing narrative which I liked a lot.

sketch card
009 - Thor

Thor - I thought it would be fun to take a classic comic Thor pose, and use the movie Thor design.

sketch card
008 - The Hulk

The Hulk! I wanted to try the grey pens I have, so The Hulk seemed perfect.


007 - Hawkeye

Ah, yes - card number 7. I really should have done Bond, or at least Sterenko's Nick Fury, but it didn't occur to me until just now...

I want to do the Avengers. I don't mind using the film versions as models, but not for Fury or Hawkeye. Hawkeye is perfect just the way he is.

sketch card
Day Six - Zenith

Grant Morrison and Steve Yowell's series continues to be a huge influence on my work.

sketch cards
Day Five - Nemesis the Warlock

Nemesis the Warlock - started out as a joke, and then grew into a really rich tale. What 2000ad used to do so well was hide social commentary within great science fiction and fantasy arcs. Even now, they seem relevant.

sketch cards
Day Four - Rogue Trooper

For a long time, Rogue was my favourite 2000ad character. Great future stories, and just a really simple idea behind the motivation of the story.

sketch cards
Day Three - Johnny Alpha

Another 2000ad character (I'm kind of starting off on these, so there will be a lot of them!), Strontium Dog's Johnny Alpha. An incredibly well formed character, and some of the best long-form character driven comic stories from my childhood.

Day Two - Bob Weiner

From Krishna M. Sadasivam's excellent PCWeenies web-comic - definitely worth checking out!

This one is a gift for Krishna, and so is not for sale.

Day One - Judge Dredd

2000ad's near-ever-present star.

I want to do another take at Dredd, I wasn't too pleased with how this one came out, but it is the first one, so...


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